Monday, March 8, 2010

Nostalgic treasures from days gone by!

From the many movies, and documentaries, I have watched, and books I have read, about the Victorian and Edwardian periods, I have fallen in luv with the wide brimmed hats, bustles, parasols, and well as furniture, and household items of that time! will feature vintage items from the 1950s, and earlier, but I hope to showcase Victorian, and Edwardian, antiques!
The Victorian period was from June 1837 (Queen Victoria's coronation) to January 22, 1901 (Queen Victoria's death), and the Edwardian period from 1901 to 1910 (King Edward's reign).
The Arts and Crafts Movement developed in England in the 1860s, from artist and writer William Morris, and spread to Australia, Canada, and America. Its peak was from 1880 to 1910. In America, it was known as Mission style.
This movement challenged the Victorian way of thinking with a vision of social reform, from men such as Walter Crane, John Ruskin, and William Morris, who wanted better quality, massed produced furniture for the working classes.
The Art Nouveau style, which was very popular from 1890 - 1905, originated in Belgium and France, and was a style of art, architecture, and applied arts, especially visual arts. The use of nature's designs, especially curved shapes such as vines, and unusual shapes such as peacock feathers, and butterflies, were prevailant, and sometimes had a Japanese influence. I have seen many table runners and 'cloths with these designs. Also use of the female figure was prevailent, as seen in vanity powder jars from that period.
The Lalique name, known for glass and jewelry, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, with his stained glass, jewelry, mosiacs, metalwork, and lamps, are two of the widely known designers of this period.
Both these movements had a great effect upon Victorian ideals and design.
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