Monday, August 16, 2010

Pretty In Pink...But Oh What A Mystery!

These are vintage costume jewelry purchases that continue to have questions...
who was the maker? what is their age? are they more valuable?
Unmarked jewelry always raises the question of being from a famous designer, or house, before they started marking the back.
The first brooch below is of heavy weight, and has beautifully faceted pink rhinestones, reminding me of the Albert Weiss set I have.
The pink rhinestone brooch with earrings, which I have named the 'floral set', due to the earrings reminding me of a flower shape, is well made also, but not as heavy a weight as the oval brooch.
I am wondering about the difference in value....


  1. I love Pink! And I love that pretty pink rhinestones brooch...So elegant...

    I love your Blogs too!!!!

  2. Chantal, thank you for the compliment! I really enjoy sharing what I have learned, and I'm learning all the time about vintage and antiques!
    The pink of these rhinestones is breathtaking! :O)