Saturday, May 14, 2011

Old Fashioned Charm Of The Tea Party Can Be Found On Your Table!

Vintage Roses Ohata China Footed Teacup and Saucer Occupied Japan

Old Fashioned Charm appreciates tea parties...whether they be formal, or informal...a group tea party, or a tea party of one!
In today's bustling world, we often do not take the time for ourselves, or our 'sisters', whether they be friend, or family! It seems we are all going at such a fast pace, and we need to slow down! With computer email, social sites, and phone texting, it seems that we are frequently sharing our lives with a piece of technology, and not a person!
Years ago, I often met with my relatives, or friends, for a cup of coffee, or tea, and a chat! I finally made the time and visited a friend, not for an arranged outing as we often do, but to just sit and chat!
When you are on your own...make sure you take time for yourself, if just for a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Vintage Schumann Dresden Flowers Empress Demitasse Teacup and Saucer


  1. Lovely cups and saucers!

  2. Wow!! I really liked this old fashioned tea party. Want to have something amazing for my tea party that I will throw at one of venue New York. Going to take ideas from my sister as she is really an expert in arranging such events.