Friday, January 17, 2014

Old Fashioned Charm of Decorative Vintage Crafts....

I was reading Mary's blog, , on how to do Tunisian crochet, which is one of the best examples of photos and directions on 'how to' that I have ever seen! Mary is a dedicated crafter and blogger, and fellow Etsian. I sell on also, but I'm one of the 'vintage' people. LOL I used to crochet, knit, sew drapes, costumes, etc., upholster furniture...antique and otherwise, refinish furniture, and other things. It seems that over the years, my passion for the search of vintage and antiques has won out over other interests. I do want to get back into the craft side of things, especially combining my interest of vintage with crafts. One example is a vintage 1930's photo frame that I decorated with vintage costume jewelry. I would like to do more with vintage to give it a new life, and repurpose it. Wouldn't this be an excellent gift for someone special?

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry 1930s Picture Photo Frame Brooches Earrings Robert Taylor
The 'vintage' person, and 'crafter', can be 'one in the same', can't they....

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